rauldandrea (rauldandrea) wrote in weirdandproud,

Hello-- Nuther Newbie

Hey! People are posting! Let's keep this going :-)

I'm new here and...

1) I believe mankind has long since reached the ability to create things more romantically attractive than themselves...


2) We are not alone in the universe. Too many firefighters, military and police have seen UFOs. Too many doctors have looked at burns on people that could not be explained. I used to be 'skeptic'.

Anyway... Hello Everybody!

- Dave
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UFO means unidentified flying object; this does not mean extra-terrestrial craft. Firefighters, military and police are human and nothing about there job makes them able to claim superior knowledge of what is seen in the sky.

Burns come in 1-4th degree.
You might have me on the firefighters, but police and military operate in a highly official capacity and would be less likely to make stuff up... Do the citizens or the military want police or military officers who make stuff up? They're possibly taking a bigger chance than you or I in reporting such things... And I should hope someone in the military can identify aircraft better than you or I...

As for burns... Steven Mikalak in Canada... Betty Cash and Vicky Landrum in Texas... they were burned... they didn't do it to -themselves-. But in the last case the military eventually re-embursed them for medical expenses.. but this sighting was a long time ago... if was a military craft, why aren't these things over Iraq?

Not an argument.. just a pondering.. something weird is going on with UFOs...

Thanks for the chat and hope you come back :-)